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Kampo has a holistic therapeutic approach, as the mind and body are seen as one entity. The therapeutic aim is to relieve symptoms and to restore harmony in bodily functions.

Kampo consists of a system of essentially three substance concepts; KI, KETSU, and SUI. 

KI is energy fundamental to living things. KETSU and SUI represent the concepts of blood and bodily fluids. 

In the belief of Kampo, a blocked circulation or an unbalanced condition can lead to illness. A healthy state of the human condition - and a beautiful skin - is the result of free, unrestrained circulation of KI, KETSU and SUI. 


When the elements KI, KETSU and SUI are combined, they create a harmonious series of relationships at the centre of Japanese traditional Kampo system.

KI - energy flow

An unhealthy skin tone, and a general ‘tired-looking skin’ often refers back to Ki-insufficiency. The skin literally has run out of energy. Energy to renew itself (i.e. shed old skin cells and produce new ones), energy to get the blood circulation going, and getting the important nutrients to the surface.

The skin renewal process needs proper stimulation - i.e. with our Skin Refining Gel.

KETSU - blood nutrition

Ever noticed that with age our skin sometimes looks like a balloon from which you have let the air out? Our once firm, bouncy cheeks look sunken and pale. That is a sign that we need extra nutrient power via our blood cells for more density, plumpness and moisture. It is the Kampo way to get the volume back to where it belongs.

Our Nourishing Adaptogen Cream gives a lot of moisture and nutrients back to where it belongs.

SUI - hydration

If your skin looks really dehydrated and kind of crinkled up like an unironed linen shirt, that's a sure sign that it lacks a lot of hydration and important nutrients. Hydration is not only important to make skin look smooth as silk - the liquid properties in our skin are also needed to transport the nutrients from blood to skin cells and vice versa.

Our Nourishing Adaptogen Cream deeply nourishes and replenishes the skin with moisture.