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Our story

We first met when we were living in Tokyo, before our paths crossed again while raising families in Zurich. IPSUM ALII came to life after countless conversations led to the realisation that despite living the lives of our dreams, like many busy working mothers, we were regularly exhausted with little time for ourselves – and this was often reflected in our skin condition. At the same time, we recalled countless moments of restorative peace and pleasure while living in Japan – from soaking in hot spring onsen baths to exploring the world of medicinal Kampo herbs, both of which had a positive impact on our skin as well as our general sense of well-being. We decided to embark on a mission: to bring equilibrium back into our busy lives, remove blockages, ensure our entire systems were circulating and flowing again – and at the same time, introduce Japan’s powerful Kampo philosophy to Europe with a range of holistic and clean skincare products, made exclusively in Japan. Kikoc and Nora