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The clean concept is an on-going topic in cosmetics and has no clear legal boundaries yet. For IPSUM ALII, clean is a mindset, a way of living; balancing how we treat ourselves and our environment.

We promise to always communicate with transparency, to keep on learning and to inform our community on the things we learned.

Our skincare is made in Japan, we carefully work with our Japanese partners to ensure each ingredient is compliant with the E.U. law. As such, neither our finished products nor our ingredients are tested on animals as per the regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 

As a result, we have put together a list of ingredients below. This list will be revised periodically as the world evolves. We are constantly learning.


Our products are free of parabens, talc, mineral oil, SLS, SLEs, paraffin, synthetic perfume and essential oils.

Ingredients derived from animals: our skincare line is vegan.


Alcohol, only in some products we use it at a very low quantity.  That is why it is at the bottom of our ingredients’ list (less than 0.1%)

Phenoxyethanol, is backed by years of research and safety assessment, and at the time being it is one of the safest preservative. We use a synthetic version as this allows us to have a concentration of less than 1% - as per the EU regulation (EC) 1223/2009 - minimizing the risks of irritation


At Ipsum Alii, we practice the philosophy of minimalism to our skincare routine, as well as to our packaging. We produce in small batches in Japan and our formulas are then filled and packed in Europe.

We are starting with 2 products to keep your daily routine simple while ensuring the quality of powerful Kampo herbs combined with science. There is nothing more sustainable than less.

As we are continuing to learn and grow our community, we will continue to search for the best alternatives to fulfill our green ethos.


For our primary packaging, we wanted to protect your skin from the risk of growing bacteria, so we selected airless plastic tubes made of PP, PE and PET, which can be recycled as followed:

- Tube: PE the most widely used plastic in the world today. Very easy to recycle through most curbside recycling programmes. Products made of PE are often recycled with the same function.

- Pump, snap on cap and actuator: PP can be recycled through some curbside programmes. Products made of PP are often recycled into signal lights, landscape borders, bicycle racks etc.

- Over cap: PETG easy to recycle, products made of PETG can be picked up through most curbside recycling programmes. Products made of PETG are often recycled into polar fleece, tote bags, furniture, bottles, food containers, etc.


Our boxes are produced in Europe. We do not display FSC logo on our packaging because we are using recycled cardboard for our secondary packaging, which can be recycled again. Our shipping boxes and wrapping paper are also made of recycled paper. Our choice is to focus on recycling programmes rather than using paper from responsible sources.