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Skin Refining Gel_Application

Application: use 2 to 3 times a week, gently massaging product onto clean, dry skin in circular movements from forehead to chin. Don’t be surprised by the eraser-effect: the gel reacts with the epidermis, gently removing dead skin cells. Avoid eye area. Rinse, and enjoy polished, refreshed, thoroughly cleansed skin.

Routine: after a deep cleansing and before any other product, use the Skin Refining Gel to remove your daily accumulated dead skin. This extra gentle peeling will clear your pores and help your skin to absorbed better the Nourishing Adaptogen Cream. 

At IPSUM ALII we use scientifically proven ingredients, infused with Kampo medicinal herbs to restore skin to its equilibrium state, with the essential elements of KI (energy flow), KETSU (blood nutrition) and SUI (hydration) in balance.