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Our Ethos

Balance: The key to well-being is to reach one's balance rather than striving for absolute perfection; i.e. in balanced harmony with our body and mind, we mature gracefully.

Creativity: We love experimenting, taking risks and looking at old things in a new way. Only through creativity, we feel we are able to progress.

Integrity: We have worked and will keep on working relentlessly with our laboratory in Japan to review all our  ingredients to ensure clean formulas. As a result, we are excited to disclose on our packaging each of our formula ingredient’s origin. We pride ourselves to constantly challenge the status quo and as consumers ourselves, we understand the need to be clean while ensuring the best results.

At IPSUM ALII we use scientifically proven ingredients, infused with Kampo medicinal herbs to restore skin to its equilibrium state, with the essential elements of KI (energy flow), KETSU (blood nutrition) and SUI (hydration) in balance.